Women's Minisrty

God has been stirring the hearts of women to walk in power, authority and unity within the body of Christ! There are so many gifts and unique qualities held within the women of God and His desire is for women to honor the gifts inside each one us and lift one another up as we grow into those gifts. Whether you are a young woman or a beautifully aged woman, we want to grow with you, developing those gifts, so that you begin to know who you are and what you are carrying that God wants to be released only by you!

We choose to celebrate one another, walk with one another through the good and the bad, encourage one another and ultimately change the world around us! We are called to influence! This ministry allows us to explore the possibilities to accomplish what God has called each one of us to…bring your friends, your sisters, your mothers and grandmothers and let’s become the powerful women we are called to be!

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