Ministries at The Church at New Bern

We believe family is the key to building a successful and thriving culture at The Church @ New Bern. Just like a family, we all have things we do to help everyone be successful. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these ministries through the Church @ New Bern, please read the descriptions below and contact the leaders listed.


Youth Ministry

We believe all youth are key to God’s Kingdom and we seek to unite them in Father God’s love, releasing their true identity in sonship. We desire to motivate all youth to see themselves the way God sees them, as sons and daughters and equip them to be disciples of Christ and to make disciples of all nations.


Worship Arts

We come expecting, with a mindset that we are going to encounter God. We welcome the Holy Spirit into every one of our corporate gatherings which creates an atmosphere where God can take over and move supernaturally.  These encounters with God empower us, as individuals and as a community, overflowing into a lifestyle of worship which impacts the nations.


Women's Ministry

God's desire is for women to honor the gifts inside each other and lift one another up as we grow into those gifts. Whether you are a young woman or a beautifully aged woman, we want to grow with you. We want you to develop those gifts, so that you begin to know who you are and what you are carrying. God wants these wonderful gifts to be released only by you!


Life Transformation Center

Life Transformation Center (LTC) is founded on the principle that you are first vessels created in the image of God, and are in the process of being formed into the likeness of Christ; body, soul, and spirit. The purpose of LTC is to facilitate healing in every area of life damaged by others or by life circumstances beyond your control. 


Outreach Teams

At TCNB we seek to impact our community and region by equipping and empowering teams to walk out a supernatural life of serving and evangelizing. We passionately believe in pouring out the Father’s love to all those we encounter, embracing them through demonstrations of love and power. Ministry teams are encouraged to go out.


Childerens Ministry

We believe that “God is in a good mood” and children are naturally drawn to a loving Father God.  All children were created by an adoring and loving God who wants them to share in His joy and presence. He desires that His kids know, hear, and see Him. We are honored that God entrusts us with some of the deepest treasure He holds in His heart: His love and affection for His children.