Children's Ministry

We believe that “GOD IS IN A GOOD MOOD” and children are naturally drawn to a loving Father God.  All children were created by an adoring and loving God who wants them to share in His joy and presence. He desires that His kids know, hear, and see Him.

We are honored that God entrusts us with some of the deepest treasure He holds in His heart: His love and affection for His children. Children, though young, possess a full-grown Holy Spirit. They can receive and be released to do anything Jesus said we could do.

We incorporate revival based material which will instruct our children from God’s Word in fun and captivating ways teaching them how to soak in His Presence, lead people to Jesus, hear the voice of God and release the gifts of prophecy, intercession and prayer, and how to pray for the sick.

Our vision for our children’s ministry is to draw children into the abiding presence of the Father, releasing a generation to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

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